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Illinois Gun Show Promoters
Listed alphabetically by company name with contact person, phone, email address as available.

WorldwideGunShows Illinois Gun Shows

Below is a list of Illinois Gun Show Promoters who operate various gun shows in Illinois. If you are interested in table costs, setting up at a show, or have other questions about a specific show that these promoters operate - please contact the show promoter directly using the information listed below. The  information below is provided free, for informational purposes only in an attempt to better serve our site visitors who might need to contact any of the show promoters in their state.

C&C 2019 Shows

C&C Reloading Supplies Mark Craft

Cara Craft

Chad Kinsey




Collectors Arms Dealers Assn
Tim Zurko 715-526-9769

CIGCA 2019 Shows

Central Illinois Gun Collectors
Richard Thrasher 217-416-0618
Chicago Civil War Show and Sale
Irene Zurko 715-526-9769

D&J 2019 Shows

D&J Guns
Donald Cichoski 815-385-1982

Danville 2019 Shows

Danville Knights of Columbus      

ECA 2019 Shows

ECA Hunting and Trade Shows Bob Leckrone 618-495-2572
Fairbanks Community Center Mike Burch 812-249-6332  

Kane 2019 Shows          Kane 2020 Shows

Kane County      

Lake County 2019 Shows

Lake County Gun Shows
Mike Quist 847-548-0433

Marv Kraus 2019 Shows

Marv Kraus Promotions
Marv Kraus

Andrew Kraus


Pine Tree Pistol Club
Chris Wigtion 815-520-9027

PVSA 2019 Shows

Pioneer Valley Sportsmans Assn      

Rock Island 2019 Auctions

Rock Island Auction Co.

Sauk Trail 2019 Shows

Sauk Trail Gun Collectors Cathy Smith 309-689-1934

The Cloe Group 2019 Shows

The Cloe Group LLC
Ross Cloe 815-263-2810

Whole Armor 2019 Shows

Whole Armor      

Zurko Promotions 2019 Shows

Zurko Promotions
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